Journals to improve your life

Posted: February 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

30 Day Journals:

30 Day Journal: Weight Training for Every Person

30 Day Journal: BED Binge Eating Disorder

30 Day Journal: Retrieving your self from the Human Shadow

Is the internet frustrating you? Do you fear technology? Is promoting your site or products failing while consuming your time? 

 More Hidden Keys, Book Two, including Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter feeds, shortened URL’s and more. 
Books by Charles Bunch Ph.D, at 

 It took 5,000 hours to uncover these secret tools. Now, they are yours. Your book, product, concept or group before the world FAST I was there. I’m a therapist and spent 10 years trying to promote blogs, books, Cd’s, and move up the search engines. It failed despite 3 hours per day hard work. But, 5,000 hours researching gave way to answers and solutions that were easy to use and cheap (most free). Saving time and having fun was plus with these methods. Making an internet presence, manipulating social media to be effective, and driving web traffic to sites: it happened. And, fast.

 Developing a monster internet presence became like slicing butter with a knife. 
Kindle and Nook By Charles K. Bunch, Ph.D. 

 Charles K. Bunch, BBA, M.Coun., Ph.D. March 1, 2013 Call us for workshops for your group.  

Some of our other projects:

Subliminal Hypnosis Cd’s and MP3 downloads at 

 Internet Rainmakers All: Symbolism, tools and more for presenting yourself on the Net

Main Mental Health Website for Boise Bipolar Center. Click this link 

Catalog of Subliminal Hypnosis Audios 

Books on symbolism, tragedy, transformation, transcendence 

Brazil Bipolar: Transtorno Bipolar 

Zen Living for Mental Health 

Gitter Done Books and Media 

Publish books fast as lightening 

30 Day Journals:

30 Day Journal for Weight Training 

30 day journal for BED Binge Eating Disorder 

30 day journal for retrieving your power and self from the Human Shadow 


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