Jessica Simpson Is ‘A Lot More Confident’ After Welcoming Her Second Child

Posted: October 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

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Health and Fitness – The Huffington Post
Jessica Simpson Is ‘A Lot More Confident’ After Welcoming Her Second Child
Jessica Simpson has been open about the criticism surrounding her weight following the birth of her first child, Maxwell Drew.

But after welcoming son Ace Knute in June, Simpson is more confident than ever. The new mom admits she’s back on Weight Watchers and feeling amazing four months after giving birth.

“When I had Maxwell I gained a lot of weight. More than I thought I would,” she explains to Tumblr’s MomFeeds blog in a new interview. “And when it came time to try to take it off, it felt overwhelming. Stepping on the scale and seeing that number was really scary.”

“With a toddler on the run and an infant to look after. I knew I needed a plan that’s simple and fits into my life, along with the support that’s so important to my success,” she continues. “I know Weight Watchers works, so I got on the plan again.”

And the plan is working — Simpson is reenergized, but giving her body the time it needs to readjust to a workout routine.

“I’m a lot more confident this time around,” she tells MomFeeds. “With Maxwell I didn’t think about the weight I was gaining, and the first time I stepped on a scale and looked at the number … I mean, that wasn’t a number I had ever even considered … and I was faced with a pretty serious truth. But since I had already done Weight Watchers, I didn’t put on as much weight with Ace and I just know a lot more now.”

Simpson has been candid about her insecurities following her first pregnancy, explaining in a blog post on, “My pregnancies (especially my first with Maxwell) were well documented and my struggles with my weight and body image have played out in front of the world. As hard as that has been, the hardest part is to realize that with all the hurtful and harsh criticism from others, I have been the hardest on myself.”

Now the 33-year-old is focusing on herself and easing her way back into her busy schedule.

“I’m taking it week by week so I don’t get frustrated with myself,” she tells ABC News in a new interview. “If I had a long-term goal, and that’s all I thought about it, I think it would set me back more. So I really, every week, try to make sure I stick with my points and get four workouts in. That’s my goal this week, and I hope that I can lose from that. If not, I’m going to keep on going and try it the next week. So far, so good.”

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